Poster Postcard • Good luck



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Text written on the card:
– You Are The Incredible King Of The Universe –

This is more than a good luck card.
It’s a poster for wishing every possible powerful luck there is!

Just send it as a regular postcard (A6) – glassine envelop included.
Once received it can be unfold as a poster (A2) and become that bit extra you wished for!

Perfect for saying: ‘you are the best’!
Or wish good luck for a school exam or driving test.

Be bold and write your wishes anywhere on the poster


Folded: 105 x 148,5 mm (A6 - postcard)
Unfolded: 420 x 594 mm (A2 - poster)

postercard + envelop = 22 gram

Glassine envelop

Love the world
This postercard is locally made,
socially packed and sustainably printed
on FSC certified paper (made of responsibly sourced wood).

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